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Maximizing Precision and Accuracy in GeoSpatial Applications with Laser Technology

GeoSpatial applications and lasers go hand-in-hand in providing accurate and reliable data for mapping and surveying. These applications use laser technology to gather information about the Earth’s surface, topography, and geography. In this post, we’ll take a look at the various ways laser technology is utilized in GeoSpatial applications and why it’s such a valuable tool.

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The History of Lasers – From The Original Ruby Lasers to Femtosecond Pulsing

The history of lasers began with the ruby laser in 1960, but rapidly advanced with the development of the HeNe laser in 1963 and diode-based lasers, leading to the miniaturization and power reduction of laser technology. Today, pulsed lasers range from nanoseconds to attoseconds and are widely used in applications such as micromachining, spectroscopy, and medicine.

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Applications, Industries, and Advancement of DPSS Lasers

DPSS laser technology was historically the only method of obtaining unique wavelengths of light such as 532nm. Recent advancements in semiconductor lasers have made it possible to replace aging DPSS lasers with highly-efficient, ultra-stable semiconductor lasers – like our Grande 532nm Laser.

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